3 years in jail for typing three words

samedi 23 février 2008
Posted by Farid

I feel sorry for the backward thinking elements of the world as we enter an accelerated phase of how humans communicate and works. Let Fouad go. Hire him to instill cluefulness in your government.
(Richard Stiennon, SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS )

Face Facebook Profile = Jail Time?: Apparently in Morocco this is the case. I count my blessings that I live in the USA and not Morocco. This story reminds me of an old Hitchcock movie with Jimmie Stewart: “The Man Who new too Much” which took place in Morocco.
(Rodney Rumford -Solana Beach , California)

Prince Moulay Rachid. They are the three words which Fouad Mourtada will regret typing. He has been jailed in Morocco - not for insulting his leader (as some bloggers have been in Egypt and Saudi and Syria and Tunisia
and.....) - but for just TYPING HIS NAME.
(Sasa, Syria)

It was, as he said, a little joke and the account was deleted. But it seems that in Morocco, just like Jordan, it is really, really easy to harm the dignity of the state. Imagine three years of your life completely taken away from you for this ‘crime’. My prayers are with you Mourtada.
(black-iris, Jordanie)

As a Blogger,the fate of Fouad calls for concern.Can't readily remember whom it was that said: ''...an injury to one,is an injury to all.'' That is exactly the way I am feeling.
(AustynZOGS, USA)

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