US Internet Marketing Company Pulls Out in Solidarity with Jailed Moroccan Blogger

mercredi 24 septembre 2008
Posted by Farid

Dans un communiqué diffusé lundi dernier , SEO1 Services , une société américaine de marketing Internet a décidé d’abandonner son projet de créer une filiale à Tanger et le recrutement sur place de 32 programmeurs et designers marocains. Motif : l’affaire Erraji. La société est en recherche d’une autre alternative au Maroc .

September 22, 2008 -- "Dallas internet marketing firm SEO 1 Services has suspended plans to open an office in the North African Kingdom of Morocco after it was news emerged that the Moroccan government had jailed a blogger" for questioning government practices.

"SEO1 Services, a search engine optimization company specializing in organic SEO also referred as Natural Search Engine Marketing (SEM) was in the process of opening a Morocco-based office that would train and employ thirty-two web designers, programmers, and engineers to manage multilingual SEO for its clients in Europe and the Middle East". The office would have specialized in Arabic, French, and Spanish SEO and was to be located in the port city of Tangier. Upon Erraji's arrest, however, SEO 1 Services made the decision to pull out of Morocco.

'We simply can't do business in a country that limits free speech and demonstrates questionable human rights practices,' says Rodney Brooks, Senior SEM Specialist for SEO 1 Services. Morocco was the ideal location from which to serve our European and Middle Eastern clients, but we definitely can't ask our employees to work in an environment in which expressing descent against the government is a criminal offense. It compromises our commitment to free speech and integrity as an internet marketing company as well as the integrity of our employees.

SEO 1 Services will continue to research alternate locations for its office that was to be located in Tangier.

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